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14 – 16 April 2018, 

Marina Hotel, Kuwait
About Kuwait
Fast Facts about Kuwait
Full Name : State of Kuwait 
Capital City : Kuwait City
Location: Middle East
Land Size of Kuwait : 17,820 sq km 
Time Zone : GMT/UTC +3 ()
Languages: Arabic is the official language,though English is widely spoken
Currency : Kuwait Dinar (KD)
Kuwait Flag: 
Kuwait lies in the northwestern part of the Arabian Gulf, between latitudes 28.30 and 30.06 north, and longitudes 46.30 and 49.00 east. its south and south-west borders are with Saudi Arabia. Its shores of the Arabian Gulf lie on the west. This special location provided Kuwait with a commercial importance. It is a natural outlet for northwestern part of the Arab Peninsula. The total area of Kuwait is 17.818 square Kilometers.

Kuwait's weather consists mostly of hot long summers and short winters. Dust storms and humidity are regulars during the summer period while in the winter it can get quite chilly and rain fall can come in sudden heavy but irregular bursts.

International Airport
The Kuwait International Airport is the main airport in Kuwait City and a hub of Kuwait Airways. Facilities at the airport are in accordance with international standards and include a multi storey parking area, shopping malls, a food court, an airport taxi service and ATMs. There are two large terminals and the airport handles over 7 million passengers each year.

Arabic is the official language, but English is widely used and understood.

Population of kuwait
In June 30, 2008, the population of Kuwait was estimated at 3.328.136 persons according to the Central Statistical office. In this census, the number of Kuwaitis reached 1.038.598, while the rest were non-Kuwaitis and foreigners.

Kuwait's currency is the Kuwait Dinar (KWD), which is divided into 1,000 fills (KWD 1 » $3.5). Major credit cards are widely accepted, as are travelers checks. Currency and travelers checks are best taken in US Dollars or British Pounds. There are banks with foreign exchange facilities in the large centers and ATMs are plentiful. Banks are open from 8 am. to 1 pm. from Sunday to Thursday, but ATMs are open 24 hours.

Kuwait has cheap and well spread transport system with local and intercity buses that operate round the clock. Taxis charge a flat rate between the city and airport. Local taxis without meters are available for getting around. To hire a car, one must have an International Driving Permit.

There are about 20 hotels in Kuwait, including transit hotel at the airport. These are classified into First Class, Second Class and Deluxe. The 'Deluxe' is the best internationally. There are also furnished apartments available, most of which offer services similar to hotels, though at a cheaper rate.

240 volts, 50Hz. Both the UK-style three-pin and European-style two-pin plugs are in use.

Time Zone